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What is the difference between Amazon Vendor and Seller?

Nov 10

As we all are aware of the fact that this present age is the time of digitalization and modern technology. Science has been becoming so advanced these days that everything that was thought impossible in the past is now accessible easily for human beings. Similarly, selling, purchasing, in short businesses is now been done through virtual platforms than that physical ones. However, still many brand outlets are running traditionally for carrying out their businesses but they also have the other side of the online platform for conducting their sales and purchases virtually. 

Likewise, Amazon has emerged greatly as the world’s largest E-commerce platform for carrying out online business more effectively.  In addition to this, it is undoubtedly the most trusted platform because as a brand Amazon never fails to satisfy its customers as they are buying products every second from this huge platform. Plus Amazon account management services help a lot when you are selling anything on this platform. You can start your online store with this platform and also publish it by placing ads on your products. Amazon PPC (pay-per-click) management services help you in this regard. 

Amazon Vendor Central:

Many people mistake vendor with that of the seller, but there is a slight difference between the both if we look into this carefully. Amazon vendor can be defined as an interface who is giving all the responsibilities in the hands of Amazon itself by selling its goods to it. It can be also known as a first-party seller. 

If you work as an Amazon vendor, you will be termed as a supplier of Amazon who will send and deliver the goods in bulk to Amazon for further selling it to the customers worldwide. As this is the most trusted platform by the people, you can never be disappointed while working over it. Moreover, you are provided with a lot of privileges by the Amazon account management services when you register an account over Amazon for selling purposes.  However, you can register as an Amazon vendor with an invite by Amazon itself. Because it gives chances to only those companies, brands, as well as suppliers who are capable of providing quality services in the future. 

Benefits of working as an Amazon Vendor:

  • Customer confidence is obtained.
  • Amazon Vendor is offered various advertising opportunities.
  • Excellent quality content is created facilitated by Amazon itself.
  • Simple and easy to use and control.

Amazon Seller Central:

Amazon Seller is a person selling himself while using Amazon as an engaging platform with the customers. By creating a Seller Central account, you can directly get in touch with customers without intervention by Amazon. This Amazon Seller Central option for selling your goods and services worldwide is open for anyone to enter at this huge and vast platform. 

By using Amazon Seller Central as an interface for interacting with your customers, you can act as a marketplace as well as a third-party seller who will himself be responsible for each and every activity related to the selling. However, it is your choice that how you want to fulfill your orders that are received through customers. You have two options, either to sell everything yourself and handle all the operations related to the manufacturing and shipping of products. Or the next option would be using the Amazon FBA program (Fulfillment by Amazon) as an interval for the delivery of your products to the customers. 

Benefits of working as an Amazon Seller:

  • It gives you the exact amount of consumer data.
  • The pricing policy is controlled entirely by you.
  • Amazon Seller Central enables you to have complete control over the messaging by creating this account on Amazon to stop any unknown access and intervention.

Difference between Amazon Vendor and Seller:

It is very crucial to understand the actual difference between the two, Amazon Vendor and Amazon Seller. A seller central at Amazon has himself all the control over the products selling to the customers. However, he is given many facilities by Amazon account management services when he enlists the products that he wants to sell to the customers.

Whereas, the amazon vendor can be defined as the interface that acts as the user-end seller, who delivers his goods in large quantities to Amazon for further selling to the customer via its online platform. 


  • In terms of Fees:


Amazon Vendor does not have to pay fees while registering with Amazon as a first-party seller. He will just pay a monthly fee of almost $40 per month. This fee also includes the charges of Amazon FBA and wrapping expenses also.

However, the Amazon Seller Central account when created will ask you to pay the registration fee also with the monthly expenses, and you have to pay all the other charges related to your products.


  • In terms of Messages:


In Amazon Vendor central, all messages or inquiries are handled by Amazon itself. In addition to this, the returns are also monitored and received by Amazon.

However, in Amazon Seller Central, you have all the control over the messages related to your products. It reduces the chances of any fraud intervention. Plus you can also place ads for the publishing of your goods over the various platforms with the help of Amazon PPC management services. 


  • In terms of Sales:


While working as an Amazon Vendor, the responsibility of the sales of your business is entirely upon Amazon. You will send your goods in bulk to it and then it will deliver through Amazon FBA to the desired customers. Because of Amazon’s involvement in the selling activity, it is trusted more among the customers. 

On the other hand, creating a Seller Central account at Amazon will give you the right of selling your goods and services yourself by no involvement of Amazon.


  • In terms of Marketing:


Amazon account management services help you to work efficiently in terms of listing and editing your products. Whereas Amazon PPC management services guide you to display ads of your products on different platforms for the effective marketing of your products. In addition to this, working as an Amazon vendor, you will be privileged with all the marketing facilities by Amazon itself.

On the other side, Amazon Seller would be himself responsible for the marketing of his brand.

Urtasker for the management of your e-commerce store at Amazon: 

As discussed above, both the options of Amazon Vendor and Amazon Seller are suitable when aiming to sell your products at the most trusted E-commerce platform like Amazon. But you can also install an account management software like Urtasker to simplify your work while interacting with your customer.

Using such type of software like Urtasker is trusted by Amazon itself in terms of managing the selling of products and responding to the customers from time to time. So you don’t have to worry now about the slow speed or corrections in your evaluations. All of these will be handled very well by using this software for your account management.