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What You Should Know About Taxify/Bolt Insurance

Dec 3

What Is Taxify Insurance?

Taxify Insurance is an insurance company based in South Africa that provides drivers and passengers with a range of different types of cover. It has been providing this service since 2018, but its roots date back to 2013 when it was originally founded as Bolt. By partnering with some of the best insurers in the country such as Santam, Taxify can offer customers competitive quotes and tailored plans suited to their needs.

What Does it Cover?

The main type of cover available from Taxify includes car insurance for both private cars and fleets, passenger liability cover for those traveling in vehicles ordered through the platform, business insurance for companies using Taxify services, and even death or disability coverage for drivers who have registered on the app. In addition to these core policies, there are also additional options such as theft protection or event cancellation if something unexpected happens during a ride.

How Do You Get Insured?

To get started with Taxify Insurance, all you need to do is sign up online or via their mobile app by entering your details including name, address and contact information, so they can provide you with accurate quotes. Once you’ve entered your information, you will then be able to select a policy type which fits your budget and personal requirements best – giving you peace of mind that, no matter what destination lies ahead, you’re covered!

Furthermore, each policy comes complete with 24/7 customer support should anything go wrong while out on a ride - allowing clients to travel safely knowing help is just around the corner if needed at any time, day or night.

What Are The Benefits?

For people considering taking out one of these policies, there are many benefits over buying regular car insurance from other providers, mainly in part because it's designed specifically for rideshare platforms like Uber & Bolt (which now forms part of Taxify). As well as this customisation factor, there are other advantages such as lower premiums than most standard policies offered by large insurers, partly because claims arising from accidents involving rideshare vehicles tend not to be very frequent compared to traditional motorists – leading ultimately towards more cost-effective cover overall when factoring things like excesses into consideration too!

Other Features

Taxify also offers additional features that make it stand out above other providers too, such as being able to offer discounts depending on how often someone uses their service or offering flexible payment methods, so customers can spread payments across multiple months if necessary - making life easier for those needing short-term solutions, while saving money long-term thanks again primarily attributable due largely because accident frequency & severity tends not be so high among riders sharing vehicles organised via apps rather than owning them outright themselves!


All round, therefore, it's easy to see why people might choose to use Taxifys' specialised products: they're reliable & comprehensive enough to protect against potential hazards faced daily whilst still offering affordable rates along the way... So, next time you need to organise an order, take a few extra seconds to research Taxifys' various offerings first before hitting the request button – it could end up saving a lot of money heading off the journey without worrying about having the right amount of coverage in place just in case something does happen or goes wrong along the way.

If you are the driver of a Taxify vehicle, it is important to get the appropriate insurance policy in case you cause property damage or injury to another party. Without this, you will have to carry the costs of lawsuits and injuries caused. There are various businesses that can assist you with the best option, quote, questions or advice.

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