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Can I drive to the garage with a flat tire?

Nov 3


You should immediately stop driving your vehicle if you notice a flat tire while you are out on the roads. This could cause damage to your wheels and require costly repairs. Stop in a safe place as soon as you can, and call an expert roadside assistance tohelp you fix your tyre.


Even if your puncture is slow, it's important to immediately change your tyres. A slow puncture can increase the chance of a blowout. It is important to keep your safety and the safety of your passengers, as well as other road users, in mind that your tyres must be in good working order.

What is the life expectancy of tyre foam?

Tyre foam can temporarily repair punctures. It doesn't matter what type of sealant is used, tyre foam can only be used to temporarily fix a puncture. The tyre must still be attached to the wheel and checked for any internal damage.


The average tyre sealant or foam will last 50 to 100 miles before it becomes ineffective. It is important that your tyres are replaced or repaired as soon as possible. You should immediately visit a garage or tyre fitter after identifying the puncture.


You can drive with a flat tire. However, your tire will be more damaged and may need to be replaced. It can cause damage to the rim and damage to the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). Your vehicle could be damaged if the situation gets worse. This includes damage to the heel, brakes and alignment as well as the suspension and steering systems.


The shock and suspension are absorbed by the rubber and air in an inflated tire. A flat tyre can be worn for long distances, and the rim may experience road shock. This could cause the rim bend, break or grind on the road. The tyre's bead can separate from the tire, which could cause the rim to wear on the road. If you continue to drive on a flat tire, it may be necessary to replace the rim.


If your car is left parked with a flat tire, it will cause more damage to the tyre, which could also result in damage to the rim. It is best to get your car towed as soon as you can.