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What brings down the value of a car?

Oct 9

You want to get the best price for a car when you sell it. Don't do anything that will decrease the value of your car. These are the top five things that can do the most harm.

1: No Maintenance and Maintenance Records

Neglecting your car will show. Regular fluid, filter, belt and belt changes are essential to ensure your engine runs smoothly. A noisy engine will turn off any potential buyer. Keep good records of all service visits to prove that you took care of your car. Any used vehicle will appreciate it if it has written proof of inspections and tune-ups.

2: Aftermarket Modifications

People want a car that looks just like it did when it was new. While you might love tinted windows and a big spoiler, many buyers won't consider modified cars. These add-ons may even be illegal in some places, further reducing the chance of a sale. Even if you think the wheels look cool, it is a good idea to think twice about installing them on your vehicle. Here are some other modifications to avoid.

  • Lowering or underbody spoilers
  • Running lights and unique lights
  • Unusual paint jobs
  • Aftermarket engine upgrades (turbocharging, nitrous oxide, etc.)

3: Mileage

Although it may seem evident that cars with lower miles sell better, are you aware of how your car is used? You can share rides with your friends, ride with others, and take public transportation when possible. This adds up over time and will make you more attractive to car buyers.

4: Less for Dirty (And Smelly Cars)

Think about whether your potential buyer can see beyond the dirt. If you were to go to the supermarket to purchase food in sealed containers, would you prefer the one that hasn't been contaminated? The same goes for cars. Ensure your car is clean and tidy when taking photos or displaying it.

Deodorize your vehicle as often as possible. You should not smoke in the car or allow others to do so. Getting rid of the stench from smoke is difficult, which can discourage buyers.

5: Scratches and Small Dents

Even minor imperfections can draw a lot of attention. You will increase your car's value if you take the time to fix minor imperfections. You can still sell your car for a fraction of the cost of repairing a damaged bumper. You can also sell it for less. You can make the same amount, but not as many buyers.

How to Increase Your Used Car Value

You can follow the above advice. A certified pre-purchase inspection is another option to attract car buyers. If a qualified inspector has inspected your vehicle, you can give this report to potential buyers. A third-party evaluation can make a big difference in securing a sale.