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Top 5 Uber Accidents and How to Avoid Them

Oct 6

Ridesharing apps like Uber have become increasingly more popular over the last decade. While they have many advantages such as making getting a safe ride home more accessible, accidents still happen. Keep reading to learn about the top 5 Uber accidents and how you can avoid them.

1. Speeding

Some Uber drivers may feel the need to squeeze in as many rides as possible in one night in order to make as much money as they can. Because of this, they might be excessively rushing from one location to another. If you feel your driver is speeding, don’t be afraid to speak up and let them know you feel unsafe.

2. Distracted Driving

Rideshare drivers will likely have their Uber app open as well as a map to ensure they take the best route. With several things to check regularly, they may be swiping back and forth between apps while driving. It goes without saying, though, that their eyes should be on the road the whole time while driving.

3. Fatigue

Some drivers will begin driving early in the day and continue to drive late into the night—particularly on an evening when there’s a lot of activity at restaurants or bars. As a driver, it can feel difficult to turn off the Uber app when there are so many people looking for rides. With no rules or regulations from ridesharing apps on how many hours someone can be on the road, a driver may try to fit as many rides into their night as possible.


4. Running Red Lights or Stop Signs

Violating traffic laws like running red lights or stop signs may mean a driver is able to pick up more riders in one night. Financially, it may feel appealing to the driver, but it can be incredibly dangerous. Any form of reckless driving should be reported to the Uber app immediately. 

5. Inexperience

There’s no formal training or certification required to become an Uber driver, which can be hit or miss in regard to the level of experience the driver has. Additionally, if you live in a more populated area or a bigger city, drivers may come in from out of town in hopes of making more money. Because of this, they may be unfamiliar with the area, the roads, and how to get around town.

How to Avoid Uber Accidents

  1. Check out your driver beforehand: Take a look at the driver and their reviews on the app as soon as you get connected with someone. If things look a little off or the reviews aren’t great, you can always quickly cancel the ride and wait for another driver.
  2. Stay buckled: Staying buckled at all times is incredibly important—especially in the vehicle of someone you don’t know. It’s also a good idea to sit in the backseat as that’s typically a safer place to be in the event you do get in an accident.
  3. Report bad drivers: If you feel unsafe in your Uber, report it to the app immediately. If you do find yourself in a rideshare accident, contact an Uber and Lyft accident attorney to help you get the support and compensation you deserve.