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Feb 25

What to do if you experience a problem with your limousine or car service

If you have ever used car service or limousine, you may have had an experience that was not ideal. Perhaps the driver was rude, or the car was dirty, or there was something wrong with the vehicle. When this happens, it can be difficult to know what to do. You may not want to cause a scene, but you also may not feel like just letting the problem go either. No one wants to have to deal with bad customer service, especially when it comes to paying for a luxury product or service that you thought would be great. Here’s a look at some tips for what to do if you experience a problem with your limo or car service.


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Call the company and explain the situation calmly.

If there was something specific that happened, like the driver did not show up on time or he or she had an attitude, let them know this in calm, clear terms. Let them know how long it took the driver to arrive (if applicable), and also what specifically went wrong when they arrived (if known). It is usually best to write down information on paper before calling so that you do not miss any important details.

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Give the company a chance to make things right.

If, after explaining your problem and waiting approximately thirty minutes (this gives them time to talk and try and figure out what happened) you still do not hear back from the company, it is appropriate to call them again. If they escalate your issue or try and contact another person in the company that can help you, this means that they want to fix your situation. Be patient with them as this may take some time on their end. They will likely apologize profusely for making you wait too long or for any inconvenience that was caused by the poor service or driver. Also be sure to ask what they are doing about the problem, both now and in future situations.

Make a complaint in person

If you have an issue with your driver or vehicle, make a complaint to the dispatcher or office staff when you get to your destination. You do not need to go into great detail about the problem if you do not want to; simply say there was something wrong and leave it at that. This will ensure that they know there is a problem and allow them to somehow fix it before anyone else experiences any issues. f you would rather not say anything in front of other customers who did not experience problems, you can give written feedback by making an email under the ‘Contact’ tab on their website and putting ‘complaint’ in the subject line. You can also leave feedback by calling the dispatcher or office manager during business hours.


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Complete a customer service email feedback form.

If you would rather not go into detail about your complaint, you can complete an online car service or limousine customer service survey. Some companies offer surveys that anyone can take, but other companies require that you contact them to find out how to access their survey before taking it. Either way, leaving feedback will help the company know what areas they need to improve upon and give them the chance to make their services better for future customers like yourself. When problems continue after multiple attempts at getting them resolved, it is time to address your issue with management or ownership of the car service or limousine company. Look up the company in the phone book or online to find out who is in charge, and either email them directly or call their office number. It may take some time for them to get back to you, but if they are worth their salt, they will eventually try to make things right by way of a refund or new service.


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Claim it on your insurance.

If you are especially worried about the state of the vehicle, bring it up to your insurance company when filing a claim for damages, incidents, or injuries related to this service. They may reimburse you for some of what you paid if their driver was at fault in any way. While this may seem like the nuclear option, it can be very effective in getting problems addressed. If you have had repeated issues with your driver or vehicle, consider filing a formal complaint with the service’s office manager or dispatcher. You can also file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau or your city’s business services if you feel that they are running their company unfairly or not adhering to regulations.

Leave specific feedback via review sites and social media.

Once you have experienced a problem with a car service or limousine, make sure you leave detailed comments on sites like Google+, Facebook, City Search, Yelp!, etc., so that people know not to book with that company if they want good service. If you know the name of the driver or staff member, be sure to include it in your comments so they can be reprimanded or fired if necessary. Be sure to give a good review if everything was well. If you had an issue with your service, but the staff resolved it well and quickly, be sure to leave a positive review in return so that other passengers know that this company does care about their customers. This will ensure that they get repeat business and more bookings, which is what all companies want.

Take legal action if necessary.

If nothing else works and you feel that filing a complaint is not going to get anywhere, you may need to take legal action against this company for some form of damages. Before doing so, consult a lawyer first on how best to proceed with your case. Though it is not fun to complain about a problem you experienced with a car service or limousine company, sometimes it may be necessary.

Make sure that if you do complain to this company, you do so in a way that ensures they know there is a serious issue and allow them to fix it before someone else experiences any problems. In all cases, it is important not to let bad service slide by without saying anything about it because it could potentially escalate into something worse as time goes on if no one says anything. In most cases, companies will do their best to fix any problems as soon as possible if they know that there are complaints, so it is best to allow them to do this.


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