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Keep your car's air conditioner topped off to keep it cool in the summer heat.

Feb 10

The opening of new states is creating a new standard. Businesses are returning back to business. Plan vacations are becoming more popular. People often visit family and friends. This means that people will use their cars more frequently again. It is now less than one month before summer. As you prepare for rising temperatures, remember to take care of your car.

Cars are more susceptible to overheating in the summer months. The AC is only one factor. This could be caused by many other factors. Towing services in Phoenix offer affordable towing that will take you safely home. Continue reading to learn more about how to maintain your vehicle’s AC. These tips will help you avoid an emergency situation on the road.

Tips for maintaining your car's AC

Turn off your car's AC before you turn it on

If you run your car while the AC is on, it will increase battery life. Your battery will work harder to start your car if the AC is on. Turn off the AC if it's hot and open the windows to let the heat escape. This will warm your car and conserve gas and battery energy.

Many car accidents are caused by bad batteries. Azteca Towing can provide 24/7 towing for Phoenix residents. You can be safer on the roads by taking preventative measures. This is the most important.

Take care of your fan belt

The condition of your car's fan belt is important. The heat buildup in your belt could cause the air conditioner to stop working. Overheating can be caused by heat. The clutch will release and turn off the air conditioner. If the clutch is too hot, permanent damage could occur.

The fan belt can also affect other components of your vehicle. The fan belt can also affect the alternator and the power steering pump. You could be stranded or in an accident, if one of these components malfunctions or gets damaged. Keep your vehicle safe. Make sure to inspect your vehicle regularly and check the fan belt.

Check Your Coolant Levels

Coolant in your car does exactly what it says. Coolant cools all components of the car to maintain its performance. Low coolant can cause radiator damage. Bad cooling can lead to battery problems. Overheating can make your car's components work harder and eventually lead to engine failure.

Coolant in your car helps to keep your air conditioner working smoothly while you drive. Coolant is more than just keeping you comfortable while driving. These levels should be checked by your mechanic along with other services like an oil change, tire rotation and general inspection. Towing companies such as are available to provide roadside assistance for Phoenix if you're still stuck.