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Preparing for a Family Photo Session

Nov 23

Family photos should be sacred. I recommend that you answer these questions before you arrive at the studio in order to avoid any unexpected surprises.

Things you should do before a photo session

  • Professional makeup: Make sure your hair and nails are professionally done before your session.

  • Plan your outfits at least a week in advance. Do not wait to plan!

  • Preparing your husband and children for special occasions: If you're looking forward to visiting family or friends, this can make your home feel more special.

  • Begin by brainstorming. Consider what props/memorabilia might work best. Maybe you could take photos of your favorite toys. This will increase interaction and make every shot look great. Nobody wants boring home movies.

How to Dress up?

  • Comfortable dressing: This will help everyone feel comfortable and keep them from experiencing heat flashes.

  • Don't wear matching clothes. These clothes are not too formal, but they can be worn for any occasion.

  • Take care with underwear: Only two people may be working on the wedding/engagements. It can take hours to edit bra straps using Photoshop.

  • Accessory - Accessories can make your look stand out in photos and add an extra dimension.

What to bring to your photo session

  • Personal Items - Add items related to your personal appearance. For ladies, add lipstick and a hairbrush.

  • To bribe children with snacks, it is important to provide them with snack options before they become tired. It is best not to tell them.

  • Walking shoes

  • Bring a change of clothes for those times they get dirty or muddy. You might not want your child covered from head to toe in the soil so make sure you have everything they need.

How to Pose?

  • There is no need for cheese! I want to capture natural interactions as well as unposed moments in photos.

  • Have fun with your children and take photos

  • If in doubt, smile and love your family.

  • Stand close to each other for the best results!

  • Encourage fathers to look at their children and partners. They may prefer it.

  • Take a deep breath, slow down and relax. Be present with your family to create beautiful images.

  • Moving about to capture backgrounds: This trick makes it easier for crafty photographers.

  • It is important to work with an experienced person in the field. They can eat food that is satisfying their hunger because that's what can ruin our fun the most.

  • Variety: This will help you capture their personality and personality.

What to expect after a photo session?

  • Wait for your gallery to arrive. Your gallery will be ready within 2 weeks.

  • Watermarked photos - A watermarked proofing gallery will help you one step closer to frame your memories. will soon send images that you can print and give as gifts.

  • Browse for different Galleries styles: You can find a wide range of options online to help you choose the right style.

Have a great portrait experience.