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6 Things to Be aware of about Towing Services

Nov 13


Have you ever thought about what you'd do if you were driving and your vehicle was unable to start in the middle of the road? You probably hope something like it never happens however you need to be ready just in case. If you find yourself stranded at the side of the highway, your best option is to call a towing company.

Towing companies in phoenix Arizona aren't just reliable as they provide expert assistance in a range of scenarios. Discover the six things you need to be aware of regarding towing services in the order in order to better understand these services.

1. Recognize the purpose of Towing Services

There is a myriad of reasons why they need for towing is a reality. Here are some of the most prevalent reasons why motorists seek towing services

  • A collision with a vehicle has taken place.

  • The engine is overheated.

  • Transmission failure

  • The gas storage tank has been depleted.

  • In the ditch, in dirt, or snow, your car is stuck.

  • A punctured tire

  • Battery jump-starting

  • If you've locked your keys in your vehicle, towing services may be necessary.


2. Take note of various kinds of vehicles that are able to be towed.

If you're wondering if towing services are offered for all vehicles there is a simple answer: yes. A lot of towing companies carry trailers, motorcycles, as well as all-terrain vehicles, in addition to passenger vehicles (ATVs).


Heavy-duty towing can also be rented from many towing businesses. Garbage trucks and buses, farm equipment, mobile homes semi-tractor trailers, and even tractor-trailers are just a few examples of heavy-duty towing. If you require a tow it is possible to do so regardless of the type of vehicle you operate.


3. Make the distinction between wrecker and a driver

A wrecker and a driver for a tow truck each tow automobiles. Tow truck drivers however are not permitted to perform any type of car maintenance. A wrecker, however, not only tows the vehicle but also provides repair and maintenance services on the spot.


4. Understand the various types of tow trucks.

A tow truck driver may safely tow any kind of automobile without causing damage to the vehicle being tow with the correct tow truck.


  • Tow trucks come in a range of sizes and shapes.

  • Hydraulic flatbeds are one type of flatbed that is hydraulic. It is equipped with a hydraulically controlled ramp to load a vehicle on the flatbed.

  • An all-in-one tow vehicle. This is designed to work with large-duty trucks and includes additional axles.

  • With a hook and a chain. This method of towing uses a hook and chain to tow the car. It is mostly used to repair damaged vehicles.

  • a lift to the wheels. car is secured with the front or rear drive wheels, using appropriate equipment.

  • A wrecker or tow truck driver will always use the correct tow truck. As a result, the driver of a tow truck is equipped to help vehicles that are stranded in almost any conditions, location, or weather.


5. Pay attention to the price of towing.

Tow truck services might range from $75 to $125, in the majority of instances. This cost typically includes the hookup fee of $50 as well as the first five to ten miles traveled by the driver of the tow truck when towing your car. A tow truck driver normally will charge between $2 and $4 per mile after the initial five to 10 miles. The cost could be as high as $450 to get your vehicle taken for a 100-mile haul.


The following variables affect the cost of towing:

  • Two points are separated by a distance

  • Class of vehicle

  • Date and time of day

  • Contact your car insurance company before you call for a tow truck. It's possible you don't need to pay a dime if your car insurance covers tow truck service. Additionally, towing is covered under roadside assistance groups.

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